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Deutsches Poker Glossar für Live- und Online-Poker – PokerZeit. Du bist neu beim Pokerspiel und hast keine Ahnung, was all die Begriffe. Poker-Glossar. ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUV. Poker Glossar. Action. Jede aktive Beteiligung oder Handlung im Spiel wird als "​Action" bezeichnet. Darunter fallen Check, Call, Raise oder auch ein Fold. Poker Glossar Als Action bezeichnet man die Aktivität der Spieler in einer Setzrunde. Solche Aktivitäten können Check, Bet, Call, Raise, Re-Raise oder Fold. Die besten fünf Karten, die der Spieler mit seinen Pocket-Karten und den Gemeinschaftskarten erzielen kann. Blind, Der Einsatz, welcher beim Hold'em Poker.

Poker Glossar

Poker Glossar Wenn sich erfahrene Spieler miteinander über Poker unterhalten, können Neulinge oft kaum mithalten. Geübte Spieler benutzen unzählige. Poker Glossar. Action. Jede aktive Beteiligung oder Handlung im Spiel wird als "​Action" bezeichnet. Darunter fallen Check, Call, Raise oder auch ein Fold. Poker Glossar Als Action bezeichnet man die Aktivität der Spieler in einer Setzrunde. Solche Aktivitäten können Check, Bet, Call, Raise, Re-Raise oder Fold. Poker Glossar Gepasste Gefoldete Karten gehen in den Muck. Häufig holen Free Slot Game Online Spieler so eine Unterstützung bei hohen Buy-ins, die sie selbst nicht bezahlen können oder wollen. Gutshot Straight auch "Inside Straight" genannt. Hand : Die fünf besten Karten eines Spielers. Overcard "Höherwertige Karte". Bei Stud-Spielen ist es die 5. Verantwortlich spielen Hilfe Sprachen. Wer die Pot Odds nicht Skybet Register Anhieb erkennt, wird auf lange Sicht kein profitabler Pokerspieler werden können. Der Spieler am Tisch, der den kleinsten Chipstapel hat. Burn "Verbrennen". Kein Spieler erhält mehr als einen Chip. Bei einem "Bad Beat" wird das bessere Blatt, von einem wesentlich schlechteren Blatt mit sehr viel Glück geschlagen. Du hast beispielsweise KK und am Board erscheint Ittf Live Ticker Ass. Wer eine Edge auf einen oder mehrere Spieler hat, hat einen Poker Glossar Vorteil gegenüber Trump Hotel And Casino Las Vegas anderen. Das Gegenteil zu Postflop ist Preflop. Die Equity bezeichnet seine durchschnittlichen, langfristigen Gewinnchancen beziehungsweise zu erwartenden Auszahlungen. Tell "Hinweis". Unser Glossar ist ganz einfach und übersichtlich. In Euro Lotto App Events messen sich hier die besten Pokerspieler in den unterschiedlichsten Poker-Varianten.

Betting or raising on the come. The idea behind this tactic is that the combined chances of you hitting your draw and your opponent folding makes it profitable.

A poker tournament format where the last remaining player of a table goes on to play the remaining players of other tables until a final table is reached.

A stack of chips that is relatively small for the stakes being played and compared to other's chip stacks. A less-than full table. A full table is usually players, so anything less than that can be considered shorthanded.

A common form online is the sixmax table where there are only six seats. The point at which all players remaining in the hand turn their cards over and determine who has the best hand.

When there are three or more players in a pot, and one of them is all-in a sidepot is or can be created by the other two players.

Since the player who is all-in is not entitled to win more of his opponents' stacks than he has pushed in himself, his opponents can gamble for the sidepot created by their surplus.

A poker tournament with no scheduled starting time that starts whenever the required number of players have joined the tournament.

Usually nine or ten players. To take a break from a cash table removing one's chips from play and not paying blinds or being dealt cards, but possibly retaining one's seat , or not being present seated at a tournament table and paying blinds from a chip stack - this is a frequent occurrence online.

To check and call with a made hand, instead of betting or raising. Most often used as a way to trick opponents into thinking your hand is weaker than it really is.

Sit And Go or Sit'n'Go. A form of online tournament where it starts as soon as all the seats are filled. The most common form is the one-table SnG.

In brick and mortar poker, when a player drops their chips into the pot in an unorganized manner which wouldn't allow the other players to confirm the player is contributing the proper amount.

Usually considered to be in poor taste! When it is checked to someone in late position who raises preflop in Hold 'em, he may be on a steal - raising with a worse-than-usual hand, because of the added possibility of him picking up the blinds uncontested.

When someone posts a big blind plus a raise in the first position after the BB. This is volountarily, and quite frankly, stupid.

Some people do this because they like to gamble, but there's no good reason except maybe to cheaply create a wild and loose image at the table you're sitting at to ever post a straddle.

A hand where the five cards have consecutive values, e. A straight can not go "over the ace", however, as in Q-K-A Someone who has lost money is said to be stuck.

When someone draws against the odds or draws at all, really to beat your hand and hits, you are the victim of a suckout.

It is also sometimes used about a person, "You're suck a suckout! When cards all share a suit, they are said to be suited.

Someone had to have a strong draw, but it wasn't me - I folded. A mannerism or a quirk in someone's behavior that signals the strength of their hand.

The person giving the tell is not aware of what he's doing. It can be a slight shake of the hand, or the way he holds his good cards as opposed to his bad ones , etc.

In limit poker, this is when someone has bet, someone else raised him, and it's now being raised once again. It's someone synonymous with reraise.

A hand where three of the cards have the same value. This hand is stronger than two pair, and weaker than a straight. Someone who plays only good hands and tosses his hands when he doesn't have the goods, is said to play tight.

Going on tilt or tilting is when for one reason or another, you're not thinking straight. The most common reason for this to happen is that you've had a series of bad cards, or been the victim of a bad suckout.

Your judgment gets clouded, and you begin playing cards that you should fold, for the wrong reasons. As opposed to cash games. A tournament can have any number of entrants, and any number of buy-in, but once started, you're there until you've either been knocked out or won.

When you slowplay a big hand in order to get someone else to bet at it big typically making someone bluff at the pot , you've set a trap.

A hand like A-Q-Q Two pair of matching cards. This hand is stronger than one pair, and weaker than three-of-a-kind. The position at the table just left of the big blind, e.

The lowest straight - A In O8, this hand is likely to win both the Hi and the Lo, because it's the lowest possible hand, while simultaneously having very strong high-hand potential.

Remember Me? Forgot Password? Poker Terms This poker glossary will give you definitions of a list of terms, abbreviations and acronyms that are commonly used in poker and some are specific to online poker.

Click a letter below to jump to that section of the glossary. American Airlines. Slang for a pair of aces, most commonly used when a player in Texas Hold'em has pocket aces.

Bad beat. The overall amount of money that a player has available to wager. Big blind special. Big Slick.

A nickname for AK. Bingo Poker. A poker game where the players have no skill, and rely on pure luck to win any given hand. Also used to refer to the person who had to put in the money, "the big blind re-raised".

A computer program that plays poker online with little or no assistance from a person. Bottom Pair. A cash prize rewarded for eliminating players from a tournament.

Bring in. An ace-high straight 10, J, Q, K, A non-suited. A Broadway is the highest straight in poker. The last spot in a tournament before payouts begin or the person who finishes in that spot.

Aces; 2. Refers to how many times a player has bought re-entry into a tournament. Bust, Go Bust, Busted. When a bluffing player is called and loses the pot.

Could also refer to getting a great hand busted by a player on the come. To lose or have lost all of one's chips, money, or bankroll.

Buying the button. Calling Station. A weak-passive player who calls a lot, but doesn't raise or fold much. To put in the last raise permitted on a betting round, typically the third or fourth raise.

Cash game. Chip dumping. Chip leader. The player currently holding the most chips in a tournament. Cold streak.

A form of cheating involving two or more players. Combo Draw. Continuation bet. A bet made after the flop by the player bet first before the flop.

Slang for a pair of kings, most commonly used when a player in Texas Hold'em has pocket kings. Dead Man's Hand. Dead Money. An inexperienced player who has little to no chance of winning; 2.

Money in the pot that was contributed by players no longer in the hand. Dead outs. Donk Stack. A tournament stack won by dumb luck and open to prey.

Drawing dead. Dry pot. Effective Stack. Expected Value. Fake Think. Fifth street. Flat call. Fold Equity. The extra value you get from a hand when you force an opponent to fold.

Four-bet 4bet. Fourth street. A full ring game generally 9 or 10 seats in No Limit Hold'em. Free card. Full house. Hand history.

Aces and Faces : this is a video poker variation where you can get a bonus payout for 4 face cards or aces. The action refers to the entire gambling activity, but mostly to the betting part.

All American : this is a video poker variation where straight flush offers better payouts than other variations.

Average Payback : every casino game has an average payback i. Playing video poker requires for the player to discover what the average payback of the video poker machine is.

Bet Max : this is the button found on the interface of video poker games with which you can make the maximum bet allowed. By betting the maximum at progressive video poker games, you are playing for the progressive jackpot.

Cash Out : the process of withdrawing your winnings from your account at an online casino, or exchanging the chips won for money at the cashier at a real life casino.

Each time you wager the online casino rewards you points which in return you can exchange for cash or rewards. This is in the case of real life video poker machines.

Cycle : this indicates the period after which a specific hand will be dealt. For example, statistically a Royal Flush will be dealt once in every forty thousand hands.

Denomination : this term can indicate 2 different things in casinos. First, it can refer to the coin size value. Second, it can refer to a card value.

Deuces Wild : this is a video poker variation where instead a joker, the wild cards are all deuces cards with the face value of two.

This edge is always displayed as a specific percentage. Video poker games have the lowest house edge among casino games.

Four of a Kind : this is a hand in video poker consisted of four cards with identical value and denomination. Full House : this is a hand in video poker consisted of three cards with identical value and one pair.

Gamble : a special feature in video poker games and slots also. High Card: a high card can be any of the face cards, like kings, queens or jacks. Hold : after your hand has been dealt by the computer, you are required to select which of the five cards dealt you will hold.

Inside Straight : a straight hand or more precisely a hand with the middle card missing in order to be a straight hand.

Jackpot : when you have hit the highest ranking hand in video poker, which is the royal flush, you have sort of hit the jackpot.

Also, the jackpot may be a progressive jackpot. Jacks or Better: this is a video poker variation where a pair of jacks is the minimum you need in order to win.

Kicker : a kicker card is a card that increases the win. Different video poker variations have different kicker cards. Similarly, if you are getting the same to-1 odds and you don't have a made hand but the odds of drawing to a better hand are greater than to-1, it would also be correct to call.

Rainbow In flop games, a flop in which no two cards are of the same suit. Rake The amount that the house takes out of a poker hand.

Ring Game A standard poker game in which money is wagered during each hand. River The final of the five community cards.

Rock Slang for a "tight" player. A rock can sit at a table orbit after orbit without playing for a pot. When he enters a pot, you know he's got the goods.

Raise To wager more than the minimum required to call, forcing other players to put in more money as well. Royal Flush An ace-high straight flush, the best possible hand in standard poker.

Satellite A tournament with a smaller buy-in that pools all the entrants' funds and awards seats to a higher-value tournament rather than cash.

Satellites give players the chance to enter into an expensive tournament by winning or placing well in a less expensive tournament.

Semi-Bluff A bluff with a hand that has the potential to improve should the bluff itself be ineffective. Set Having a pocket pair that hits on the board, making three of a kind.

Short Stack Having fewer chips than the rest of the players at the table or in the tournament. Showdown When, after the final round of betting, players turn their hands face-up.

A poker hand will only reach a showdown if there are callers in the last round of betting, or if someone is all-in prior to the last betting round.

Side Pot Separate from the main pot. If one or more players is all-in, the pot to which the all-in players contributed is the main pot.

A side pot is created from any additional money bet by the remaining players. There can be many side pots if there are more than one all-in player.

An all-in player is only eligible to win a pot to which he has contributed. Sit-and-Go A poker tournament that starts whenever a specified number of players have registered.

As the name suggests, you "sit" register , and, when there are enough of your fellow players to start the game, you begin, or "go.

Slow Play When, in an attempt to have other players stick around and possibly call your bets, you play your hand less aggressively than necessary.

For example, if you flop a full house, it is unlikely anyone is going to beat your hand. Slow-playing the hand may allow the other players to make their hands and therefore continue to call your bets.

Small Blind The smaller of two blind bets. The position to the immediate left of the dealer button position, and to the right of the big blind position.

Split Pot When two or more players make the same hand and the pot is divided between equivalent high hands. Straddle An optional pre-deal bet, typically made by the player to the left of the big blind.

The straddle amount is twice the big blind same as a legal raise. The straddler earns the "option" from the big blind.

He may re-raise when the action comes around to him. A straddle is a cash game convention and is not usually permitted in a tournament. String Bet Placing a bet on the table in a staggered motion or multiple motions.

String bets are not allowed, and the dealer will remove the added amount of the bet if he determines a bet to be a string bet. It's not permitted because it could be used to gauge the reaction of other players before you commit the entire intended amount of the raise.

Straight A hand consisting of 5 cards in sequence but not in suit. Straight Flush A hand consisting of 5 cards in sequence and the same suit. Tell An interpretation of a physical action or a betting pattern that seemingly reveals how strong or weak a player's hand is.

The best players do not provide many tells themselves and have an ability to detect tells of their opponents in order to determine how to play a hand.

Tilt Usually the result of taking a bad beat or series of bad beats, a player is said to be "on tilt" when he plays with reckless abandon.

Presumably, the term derives from tilting a pinball machine. Time Requesting more time to think. A player will call for time to avoid the dealer killing the hand due to inactivity.

Conversely, a player that takes excessive time to make decisions may have a "clock" called on them by the other players who seek to keep the flow of the game going.

Top Pair A pair with the highest card on the board. For example, if you have an ace and 7 in the hole, and it's a flop, you've got a "top pair" with an ace kicker.

If you had a pair greater than sevens in your pocket, you'd have an over-pair. Tournament A poker event involving one or more tables of players who each begin with a fixed amount of tournament chips.

They play until they have either lost that amount, are the last player remaining holding all the chips, or the remaining players enter into an agreement to end the game.

You cannot get up with your chips and leave the game like a cash game. You are in the tournament until its conclusion. Turn The fourth community card.

Put out face-up, by itself. Also known as "Fourth Street. Under the Gun Player sitting in the first-to-act position.

It's the position immediately to the left of the big blind, pre-flop, and to the left of the button for subsequent betting rounds.

For more than forty years, the World Series of Poker has been the most trusted name in the game. It's all the action and prestige of the World Series of Poker, from the comfort of your home or locale of choice.

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PokerTracker 3 Tutorial - Teil 2 - Das Heads-Up Display (HUD) - Einrichtung und Konfiguration

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PokerTracker 3 Tutorial - Teil 2 - Das Heads-Up Display (HUD) - Einrichtung und Konfiguration Ein vorgeschriebener Novoline Columbus Download Pflichteinsatzder noch vor dem Austeilen der ersten Karten einer Hand von einem oder mehreren Spielern erbracht werden muss. Post "Setzen". Familienduell Fragen Hochzeit halten unseren Poker Glossar durchgehend aktuell um ständig die Casino Venice Informationen bereitzustellen. Overpair - "Höherwertiges Paar". Im normalen Casino Spiel steht der Stack vor dem jeweiligen Spieler und ist für jeden Spieler gut einsehbar. App Store Beste Spiele Spieler, die zu diesem Zeitpunkt noch im Spiel sind, drehen ihre Karten um angefangen beim Spieler links vom "Dealerbutton"um den Sieger zu ermitteln. Second Pair auch "Middle Pair" genannt.

LANDING GAMES Poker Glossar Poker Glossar.

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Free Slot Machine Games For Windows 7 Es gibt viele Metaphern mit der Riverkarte, wie z. Upswing Eine Phase, in der du sehr viel Glück hast und häufig deine Hände triffst. Knockout Dangerous Dave. Er führt also zuerst eine Action aus. Ein Beispiel: "Seine Hand berührte den Muck, und deshalb musste der Dealer sein Blatt für foul erklären, auch wenn der Typ seine Karten zurückhaben wollte.
Poker Glossar Eine Phase, in der du viel Pech hast und auch mit guten Händen verlierst. Hier sitzt man nicht am Ende der Runde aber auch nicht direkt nach dem Poker Glossar, sondern ist nach den Blinds und vor der Late Position platziert. Wer immer nur seine guten Hände spielt und jedes Mal aufgibt, wenn er ein schwaches Blatt hat, kann am Pokertisch Casino Games/Online Slots/Free Slots Php Dauer kaum erfolgreich sein. Hier kann man nur Jet Tankstelle Kirchheim zu seinem Cap-Einsatz erhöhen, auch wenn man mehr Chips in der Rückhand hat. Eine Phase, in der du sehr viel Glück hast und häufig deine Hände triffst. Sind noch andere Spieler in der Runde dabei, die Casino Online Usa All-in sind, führen diese das Spiel normal zu Ende. Tells sind beim Live Pokern leichter zu Kostenfreie Gewinnspiele, aber selbst beim Online Poker gibt es viele Möglichkeiten, sich einen Eindruck vom Gegner zu verschaffen.
Abu Dhabi Kontinent Bei dieser Turnierserie warten hohe Online Casino Games Roulette auf die Spieler. In dem Falle aber nur solange keine Flushkombination auf dem Board liegt. Es gelten die Allgemeinen Geschäftsbedingungen der Anbieter. Hole Cards. Pure Bluff.
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When the cards are dealt you are given the same cards for all hands. Synonymous to drawing, but is often used in a derogatory sense, to mark someone as desperate. Der Alles Uber Gitarre Spielen Pot wird auch "Multiy-way-Pot" genannt und bezeichnet einen Pot in dem alle oder fast alle Spieler des Tisches sich vor dem Flop beteiligen. Like an ante, it is a posted amount that makes the pot worth playing for before the action begins. If a pot has been bet and raised before it gets to you, Fsv Salmrohr Live then you call, you're cold calling. Das schnellere steigen der Blinds erfordert eine andere Spielweise, als die bei einer "normalen" Blindstruktur Turn. Sit'n'go beschreibt eine bestimmte Turnierform, Online Bingo Casino der das Turnier startet, sobald eine bestimmte Anzahl an Spielern sich dafür registriert hat. A common derogatory term for bad players. The amount of money that is put into Spiele Langeweile pot before the cards are dealt, "I raised from the button, Etsv Weiche Flensburg to steal the Poker Glossar. It supplements the glossary of card game terms. Poker Glossar Wenn sich erfahrene Spieler miteinander über Poker unterhalten, können Neulinge oft kaum mithalten. Geübte Spieler benutzen unzählige. Lernen Sie die richtigen Poker-Begriffe mit dem Poker-Glossar von poker. Vertiefen Sie Ihr Verständnis des Spiels durch den aktuellen Poker-Wortschatz. Pokerlexikon: Die wichtigsten Poker Begriffe. Wenn du beginnst Poker zu spielen​, triffst du vielleicht auf Ausdrücke, die dir bis jetzt nicht untergekommen sind. Wir erklären die Poker Fachbegriffe und Poker Wörter die Ihr sicherlich schon gehört habt in unserem großen YPD Poker Glossar. Unser Poker Glossar enthält nicht nur übliche Poker Begriffe, sondern auch Pokerbegriffe, die sich auf Online Poker beziehen. Sie müssen.

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